Intuitive Readings

Who Is This For ?

For anyone who is willing to learn and grow. Understanding the stigma placed on tarot readings and psychics, this reading is for anyone who realizes the truth and tool behind what divination actually is. 

This is mainly for people who are searching for enlightenment about a situation they may feel stagnant or defeated in.

What to Expect ?

Just a conversation between the two of us.

I start off readings bringing in warmth and comfort to my clients. I like to get to know a little bit about your experience and thoughts on what you feel may happen and getting rid of any fear based thoughts. 

Following that I explain which cards I will use based on the reading purchased. Oracle cards hold specific messages from god, spirit, guides, & or angels. Tarot Cards hold visual messages, think of this like a really big picture book that I interpret your situation with.

Where ?

Depending on which reading you purchase, most vary between 30 minutes to 1 hour and half.

Your choices are between a Facetime call, A regular phone call, in person, or a in an emailed version.

Emailed versions are sent between 2-3 days of purchase.